Jocelyne Saez-Simbola
Art ceramist

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My history

Nothing clearly intended me to become a ceramist sculptor. Neither my family nor my social and cultural environment.

... But in the second part of my life, everything became conceivable in a world of possibilities. The interaction of the persons I met when I came in Haute-Loire allowed me to work in a three dimensions' world within the ceramist universe.

September 2000 : For the first time of my life, my hands enter in contact with the clay for a modeling course. This date will remain engraved on my memory forever and will definitively liven up my future...

Clay put a spell on me and whenever the opportunity to join the studio of a sculptor appears to me, for months, I start to leave in an artistic bubble, building the basis of my next craft where each piece is unique. I carry on this training, learning with the ceramists in order to expand my views of modeling and raku baking.

The studio of « Moulin de l'Herm » opens its doors in 2004 in the old barn adjacent to our house. Since this date, I carry on my research. The surrounding forest is inspiring me days after days and is talk-provoking with my clay.

'In time, with time' : I joined the world of ceramists in 2009 only, pining ceramic arts markets, and in 2012 I became a member of Ateliers d'Arts de France. Since 2016, I'm present ins Craft of Salon Maison & Objet in Paris Nord / Villepinte..

Each time I meet the public, I've got the desire and the pleasure of sharing the emotions of this fascinating profession-passion.